Chocolate chip cookies

The chocolate chip cookie, a well known cookie in the cookie world, is the most famous and most known cookie in the world. It is a very popular type of cookie, and Chips Ahoy are based off of the Chocolate Chip Cookie. Chocolate chips can also be in different colors on the outside, and therefore known as rainbow chocolate chip.

Possible originEdit

One day a person wanted to bake sugar cookies. But she didn't find any cocoa, so she put in chocolate chunks instead, thinking they would melt and mix with the cookies. But what she found out is that the chocolate chips didn't melt but still were chunks. This led to the discovery of chocolate chip cookies.

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  • It is one of cookies you can home make.
  • Legend says that it was made from a mess-up of the Sugar Cookie recipe, by adding chocolate chips.
  • It is a very popular cookie.
  • There is a cereal called Cookie Crisps.

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