Oreos are a type of cookie that is like a sandwich. Like Chips Ahoy, they are made by Nabisco. It has two cookies, particularly chocolate, and in the middle of the two cookies, is cream. The Oreos we eat today are made in 1952 by a man known as William A. Turnier[1].

Oreo Logo

The logo.


There are many types of Oreo cookies, some of them are:[2]

  • Oreos (Plain)
  • Vanilla Oreos (Chocolate cookie is now vanilla)
  • Oreo Mint (Mint cream replaces cream)
  • Oreo double stuffed (Twice the amount of cream)
  • Marshmallow Oreos (Pink icing, marshmallow flavor)
  • Oreo Cakesters (Cookies replaced with cakes)
  • Oreo Cakesters Double Stuffed (Twice the cream)
  • Oreo Golden Cakesters (Chocolate replaced with vanilla cakesters)
  • Oreo Chocolate (Vanilla cream replaced with chocolate)

An Oreo Cookie.


  • Oreos are used in cartoons, drama and other television shows.
  • Most Oreos are round.
  • It is made by the same company as Chips Ahoy.
  • Some people lick the cream off of the Oreo cookie "sandwich" before eating the cookie itself.
  • Oreos have had many different editions for different holidays. An example would be red oreos for Christmas or orange oreos for Halloween.
  • There is a race (as seen in a TV ad) where you could lick the cream, dip it in milk, eat the cookie itself, and drink all the milk. The winner is the one who could do this the fastest. In the ad, a child and (possibly) their grandmother was doing this race.
  • Lots of people enjoy oreos with milk, hence it's motto: Milk's favorite cookie.

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  2. Some have been discontinued.
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